Wisconsin Transfer Car Title

Do you need to transfer your car title in Wisconsin? If a WI car title is currently in your name, but should be amended, learn more about the process and get started by following the steps below.

Wisconsin Car Title Transfers

When you purchase a vehicle in the state of Wisconsin, the importance of the car's title should never be far from your thoughts. Because this document acts as the proof of the vehicle's ownership, you cannot afford to forget about the proper transfer of title. And, as a buyer, there are two different scenarios that you can experience. When buying from a dealership, the transfer of title is typically seamless, as it is the seller's responsibility to title your new vehicle. However, when you buy from a private vendor in the state, you must apply for the new car title yourself, and you are given the option of doing so online: https://trust.dot.state.wi.us/emvpublic/homePage.do.